Oliver Turns 7

Oliver, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

The above video shows Oliver playing in a park near our house. His birthday is coming up this week and he is really maturing into a cute little guy.

Nadia and I are getting a big laugh out of Ollie’s books he writes at school. He brings one home every few days and you can tell by the titles, what he is interested in.
“Military Alien Attack”
“Sea Wars”
“Milateree (sic) Break In”
“The Stealth Jets World War Death and Life”
“Zombie Attack – 18 Living Death- Season 2”
“Zombie Attack – 18”
“Materials Monster Attack”
“Misile Shooter 1”
“Sea Monsters in the Ocean and Rivers and Ponds and Trees and Forest and Poison and in Ground”

The books are well illustrated in a comic book form. Here is the transcript of one of his short stories, “Sea Wars.”

One day Jack and Oliver, Oskar, Marco were on their own boat. Sudely somthing grabbed the boat and went under water. Where did they go?
The boys search everywhere for the boat and they found it. Shark people were garding the boat. The boat transfored into a subereen
The boys froze a shark that was mashing the top. The sharks got in their machines and went after them. The boys got out of the water with a jet. The sharks got in their base and went after the boys.

Lukily the boys got safe to the base. Affter that,, the boys had a feast. They ate roasted chicken. ” – THE END

Brilliant!!!! I think he will be the next best selling action author.

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