Happy Birthday Oliver


We hosted a birthday party for my son Oliver who turned 7 on April 30th. His birthday fell during our Spring Break Holiday, so we waited until after we got back so all of his friends could come. The weather was dreadful on Sunday, and so it was perfect that we rented a playground in the big shopping mall in Belgrade, Usce. They have a massive playground and big area of eating.

About 30 of his friends attended and Oliver has been loving playing with all of his toys. He got a lot of legos, cars, and books about pirates. Mom made batman cupcakes and we ordered a batman cake. Oliver loves super heroes and comic books. It was cool to see his name in the Serbian Cyrillic script. Oliver looks like ОЛИВЕР in Cyrillic and they added an “e” at the end because of the noun case. Happy Birthday (Srećan Rođendan) Olivere.

A great time was had by all including parents. Happy Birthday Oliver, you are growing up too fast!

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