Summer Holiday Begins


Nadia and the boys had their final day of school on Thursday. Ocean had her last day yesterday and we are starting our summer holidays this week. I still have a couple of days of work, but the office is winding down.

Yesterday we went to a BBQ at our friend’s home in Obrenovac, a small city about 20 miles west of Belgrade on the Danube. It was a classic sunny summer day and we all enjoyed the pool, and this being Serbia, they also had a roast pig (below).

it was a nice way to end a hectic week! A big thank you to Hido and Zhana.

One thought on “Summer Holiday Begins

  • Not often that you read about Obrenovac halfway round the world in Australia! My aunt lives there and we visited two years ago while on long service leave for 4 months from our teaching jobs. It is lovely finding a blog written about places we visit regularly! I’ll stay tuned!

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