European Soccer Championship 2012


Germany versus Denmark, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

The boys and I are following the Euro 2012 soccer tourney from Poland/Ukraine. Every night for the past 10 days there have been games. I took this screen shot from the Radio Television Serbia broadcast, and it shows DAN (Denmark) and NEM (Nemačka – Germany in Serbian) in action.

Despite Serbia not qualifying, everyone is following the matches. I didn’t know who to support because Serbia is not there, so I chose the Czech Republic in honor of the Kralovec heritage. They surprisingly won their group and now have Portugal in the knockout round.

I love the passion of the fans but still feel it is too difficult to score in soccer. I also loathe seeing the players flopping on the pitch, trying to draw a foul or penalty. That is cheating and unmanly and should be harshly punished! I suggest a red card and they are forced to wear a pink tutu for the next game.

The boys and I are playing our own version of the tourney in the yard outside. It was cool the other night to have Owen help me take out the garbage. The kids are at a perfect age right now. They are old enough to have opinions and appreciate new experiences, but not old enough to be surly teenagers and refuse to do stuff. I am thoroughly enjoying spending time with them.

This is my last day of work in the office and then summer officially begins!!!!!

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