A Perfect Afternoon


Boys and the Dunav, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Owen and Ollie are shown with the bikes on the Zemun Quay overlooking the Danube (Dunav in Serbian). We went for a bike ride yesterday on the bike paths in New Belgrade along the Sava and Danube rivers. I wish the ride could have lasted forever! We shared a lot of laughs and adventures as we climbed the public rock wall, threw rocks in the Danube, and had races up the embankments of the Quay. The city did a nice job with the improvements of the Zemun Quay, adding smooth walking areas, benches, and grass.

London Plane Trees Along the Danube – New Belgrade

Belgrade has an excellent system of bike trails along the rivers. They have the potential of expanding them more through the city and could connect the various parks and green areas in the metro area. I would love to work on a master plan of bike paths in the city.

It was a bit cool, but a glorious late fall day. After the ride, Ocean and Nadia prepared us a delicious chicken curry meal and we then watched some NFL football and acted silly in the house. I love the weekends because of the family time. We have an extension today due to the Serbian government declaring Armistice Day bank holiday today. Yippeee!!!!!

Owen helping Ollie Up the Wall

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