The Modern Rome


We spent the afternoon yesterday touring around Washington DC. This is my second visit to the city and I was really inspired with awe at the architecture and layout of the city. It reminded us of many of the European cities we visit, and that is because the original plans of the city were based on European cities. The parks and grand buildings make me think that it must be like what Rome was at its height of the empire. It is a grand capital and fitting for the American Empire.

It is amazing to see that these institutions we hear of all the time, like the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), the FBI, etc., actually have offices and is a real place. Washington also has so many bike paths and parks and the Potomac Riverfront is beautiful. It is a city that I could definitely live in.

As you can see in the photo above, the city is getting ready for President Obama’s Inauguration Parade coming up next month. There were viewing stands being constructed in front of the White House and the main stage in front of Capital Hill (above). The city also has so many museums and cultural institutions, it would be a great place to live.

I’m in front of the White House

The Founding Fathers really chose well for a capital. I hope to come back for another visit, there is so much to see. I would like to thank our good friend Kim Winter for showing us around the city and inviting us out to her home in Virginia.

Washington Monument

3 thoughts on “The Modern Rome

  • Then we are now just waiting for the barbarian onslaught, it would be a fitting end for the rotten “empire”.

      • Of course not, imperialism as a concept is wrong, and the US founded on grounds of freedom and anti-imperialism sadly eventually turned out to be the greatest enslaver in the world all under the guise of “fighting for freedom”.

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