Father and Sons


Dad and Ollie, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

It is such honor to be a father. My little guy Oliver is so adorable! He always gets up sleepy and comes over and gives me a big hug. He is seven years old and time is running out for these morning hugs. I wanted to capture the moment in a photo.

This weekend I took my older son Owen to our school’s 24-hour Theatre workshop on Stage Combat. We learned techniques of portraying fighting on stage realistically. It was fantastic and as a family, we’ve been doing the techniques constantly. I will have to make some fake swords for the kids so we can practice the sword fighting fundamentals we learned.

The high school students were very kind to Owen and included him in their skit. He played a 10-year old Colombian Drug Cartel Leader. Very funny! He is shown below with one of the students during the workshop.

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