Family Journal: Spring in Belgrade

I have not been posting as much as usual this month – it has been a busy time.

Ocean had a couple of milestones recently. She is shown above losing a tooth. It is one of the front ones so she looks so adorable. We are calling her “la campesina” and if you know Latin America, it is a hilarious and apt nickname. With the pigtails and loose tooth, she is so adorable! She also learned to ride a bike last week. We went for a long ride to Ada Ciganlija, just her and I. We crossed the Sava in the bike ferry and she just loved it. See my Youtube Channel for the video. She said her two favorite sports are, “riding a bike and hopscotch.” How much more little girl can you get! I am absolutely head over heals in love with her.

Ollie With His Art Prize

My son Oliver last weekend won a prize for his art at our school’s spring fair. We were very proud of him. He is also so cute. He referred to something as “the puniest” and in mispronouncing his “r” sound, called Owen the “first worst” Ocean the “second worst” and himself the “third worst.” Hilarious!

The third Kralovec child, Owen, is turning into a little dude as he ends fourth grade. I can’t believe he will be fifth grade next year. Where did the time go?

I wish these moments could slow down. They grow up too fast!

Finally, the weather here in Belgrade has been absolutely glorious! Bright blue skies, flowers in bloom, cool breezes, and bright green everywhere. One does not get any better weather than this.

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