Bike Riding To School

One of my greatest pleasures is riding with my sons to school every morning. I love to watch the excitement of freedom bikes bring to Owen and Oliver as they glide through the “leafy suburbs” of Dedinje and Senjak on the way to school. I can’t wait until Ocean is confident enough to ride her bike to school. The route is exactly 1 mile long and is mostly on traffic-free streets, although there are two crossings of more busy streets.

Not only is it a great way to exercise and spend time with my children, it is also teaching them to appreciate the joys of “silent sports.” I have a passion for biking, running, and cross-country skiing through nature, or for on the way to school, through the city. I hope to instill a love of bicycling to my children.

Above is a video showing our route to school. We plan on moving apartments next month, so these are the last of the rides. We will be even closer to the school so will most likely be walking to school in the mornings.


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