Christmas Holidays: Farewell To Europe

Kralovec Family at the Christmas Market

Since this is our final winter in Europe we are going to be visiting several countries this Christmas holiday. We are in Budapest, Hungary this weekend, one of our favorite places in central Europe. We are renting an apartment near Christmas market. I am very happy to be on vacation and focusing on my family and relaxing instead of working and the usual hectic pace of school and taking care of the kids.

I like the mulled wine (Forralt Bor) at the market and Nadia loves seeing all of the crafts for sale. To fight off the sub-zero temperatures, we went to the Szechenyi Thermal Bath last night. There are several hot spring baths in the city and the Hungarians frequent these to warm the body’s core. It really is relaxing and very easy to do. We took the subway to the city park where the baths are located and in 10 minutes, were floating in 37 degree natural spring water. I was surprised to learn there are many natural hot springs in the city, which being away from a geological active area, there would be numerous geothermal water sources. I highly recommend a visit.

A frigid Danube!

I am hoping for snow! Temperatures have been below zero Celsius all week, but only fog and no precipitation.

The kids really like the Christmas favorite Kurtos, a roasted rolled sweet bread that they serve in the streets.

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