Spring Break in Cyprus

Last week we were in Cyprus for our Spring Break. In the photo above, we are near the city of Pafos, on the far western part of the island in front of the famous Aphrodite’s Rock. Greek mythology tells the story of Cronus, the son of the Godess Gaia, under orders from her mother, cut off the testicles of his father, Uranus (Sky), and threw them into the sea. A white foam appeared on the base of the rock and thus rose Aphrodite, the Greek Godess of Love, Beauty, Pleasure, and Procreation. Legend has it that people who swim around the rock, which we did, will be blessed with eternal beauty. I am hoping it works for me, as I am approaching 50, I need a comeback in the looks department!

We had a relaxing holiday staying at Le Meridien Resort. Two other family friends came with us, and the kids had a great time with their friends and the adults enjoyed ourselves. I am not totally into the resort scene, as I prefer a bit more active holidays. The boys learned a bit about scuba diving and I am always amazed at how long children can stay in a pool. They were in and out of the various pools and the beach all day long. The hotel also had a great breakfast.

It was also my farewell (for now) to the Mediterranean. This school year with visits to Trogir and Novigrad, Croatia, Valencia, Spain, Malta, and now Cyprus, I got a good feel for the lifestyle. The people of the Mediterranean are blessed with such beautiful, clear sunshine, turquoise waters, green pines, dramatic cliffs in addition to the distinctive pleasant odors of the sea breezes and plants of the biome. It is one of my favorite places on earth and I feel lucky to have lived so close to the sea for this many years.


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