Goodbye USA

We are saying goodbye to summer and our visit to the USA tonight. To celebrate, we went out to eat at General Zapata Restaurant in Bethlehem and walked around the Lehigh campus. It was another gorgeous late summer evening.

I want to thank Jack, Cathy, Julie, Alice, and others for being such gracious hosts. We really enjoyed our time together and hope to continue to see each other.

It was a summer of good food (way too much), friends, family, and exploring the mid-Atlantic region, from the Appalachian Mountains to the New Jersey Shore and many places in between. The classes at Lehigh were extremely stimulating and will really help me next year as I lead a new school. The kids loved spending time with Uncle Jack and Grandma Cathy.

The “star of Bethlehem” shines over the city

2 thoughts on “Goodbye USA

  • Good luck in Japan, Bill et al! Our neighbors had extended their stay in Japan, which now would be several years ago, they all (including their 5 kids) enjoyed living there so much!

    • Thanks Janice! It looked like the Heikkila reunion went well. Did you ever see the Ellis Island record of John Heikkila? Was he the first Heikkila to come to the USA? Regards, Bill

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