A Day at the Movies


It was a miserable day of rain and cold yesterday so we did a double feature of movies. Many movies come out around Christmas to take advantage of families having time off together and also to be eligible for awards, which stipulates a movie needs to show for at least one week before the end of the year to be eligible for the Oscars, etc. It has become a Christmas tradition in the USA to go the movies. A new IMAX cinema opened last month in a new shopping mall (and football stadium) in Expo Park, which is very close to our home in Minoh.


The view of the Expo City courtyard at night

Of course we had to take the kids to Star Wars, the Force Awakens. I’ve read a couple accounts of 40-50 year olds describing their feelings about the going to the new movie, 38 years after the original. I am in the key demographic for this experience, being 10 years old in 1977. I remember going to see the movie. I was never hugely into Star Wars as a kid, but we did have all of the action figures. The media hype for this latest edition has been massive and I was put off by it a bit. In seeing the film in 3D on an IMAX screen in Japan, is a long way away from when I saw it on a smaller screen in Crystal Falls, Michigan. It was very much like the original and I was a bit bored with it. As with many children’s action movies, the heroes escape many close calls against seemingly insurmountable odds time and again. Perhaps I am getting old and cranky…


Futuristic Japan with welcome robots at the theatre

I loved the second movie we saw that day, Spectre. I am a big fan of the James Bond franchise and it was one of the reasons why I lived a global nomad lifestyle. I remember watching ABC’s Sunday Night at the Movies  with my Dad and the James Bond reruns were on all the time. Spectre didn’t disappoint with some great action scenes, exotic locales (Mexico City, Rome, Tangiers, Moroccan desert, London, etc) and for Nadia, some fashion ideas for me based on Daniel Craig’s wardrobe. I highly recommend it!

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