Small Moments

I am trying to capture those small moments in my life that may seem insignificant, but as I get older and my world gets smaller, they become more important. By smaller, I mean family and friends become more important than accomplishments or the outside world.

Last week was Nadia’s birthday. We celebrated with cake and kid champagne. The kids made really nice cards and we started a tradition of making a big sign. Happy birthday baby – I love you!


As you can see, I am definitely pushing the boundaries with my cultural comfort. This was the first time I wore a mask. I always thought when I saw Asians wearing a mask I thought that it was because they didn’t want to catch a cold, but actually it is reverse. You wear a mask when you are sick and the mask prevents others from catching your cold or flu. I have a cold/mild flu today and didn’t want to spread my illness. My glasses kept fogging up and Tomomi helped me get it situated so it didn’t happen.



Last Saturday morning I had to take Owen to the train station to go to his soccer game. He had to be at the station before 7:00 AM and it is one of the ways I can show my love for him is making sure he gets up, has his bags packed and see him off on the train with his teammates. I really enjoy the morning times when it is just him and me! He is growing up and becoming a young man and I am so proud of him. More on his soccer season in later posts. He is shown crossing the street on the way to the Kita Senri station as the sun was coming up.


The “hair fairy” has struck!







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