Family Journal: June 12, 2016

The end of the school year is always busy and I don’t have much time for family and personal reflection. I am catching up on my blogging with a post about last weekend.


Much of my time last weekend and this week has been assembling a basketball hoop. We purchased a plexiglass board, adjustable hoop from Costco, which was on sale. It has pushed my mechanical ability and has required drilling, using two wrenches simultaneously, hoisting the backboard up to connect to the pole, etc. all the while reading through a 70+ page manual. Many of the parts’ bags were open and so searching for nuts, bolts and small parts has been tedious. The only good thing about the experience is spending time with Owen! He is a patient and positive kid and the reason I am putting myself through this. We will certainly enjoy the hoop once it is up. With vacation looming and typhoon season on its way, I am hesitant to finish and put it up while we are away for 6 weeks. Several times in the process I have wanted to write a strongly worded letter to the Lifetime, the manufacturers of equipment. Can you make it a bit more complicated so it will take even longer than the 4 hours normally required to assemble it?

June and July is the rainy season here in Japan and there has been plenty of grey skies. The humidity is crazy high and combined with warm temperatures, it feels like tropics. I always loved summer growing up and would rather be uncomfortably hot rather than painfully cold. It is so humid that paper left on my desk has that soggy feel. Sunday afternoon whiffle ball continues and last weekend, Ocean hit a walk-off double, with Owen scoring the winning run. Oliver had a chance to make a catch that would have extended the game, but he completely missed the ball. We all had a great laugh, even Oliver. I love baseball and think my kids like it too. The rain kept everyone away from our neighborhood, Matsuide park, except for us. A memorable afternoon for me.


On Saturday night the administration team went downtown Osaka for dinner and drinks. We had a lot of laughs. The urban Japan scene is fun and so different from where we live in the suburbs. I wouldn’t want to live down there, but it is a good night out. Below is a photo of the 70-meter, 18-story OS office building. There is lot of interesting architecture in Japan CBD (central business districts).



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