Family Journal: Arrival to USA – July 3-5, 2016


We had a nice stop in Seoul before heading over Siberia, Alaska and Canada to arrive at JFK airport safe and sound. It is over 13 hours flight time with 2 and 1/2 hours added getting out of the plane and out of the baggage claim area. I actually don’t mind flying, I enter in a Zen mode and just enjoy the quiet time reading and spending time with my family. Ocean is getting taller! Seoul airport is really nice so the 3-hour delay was not bad at all. I was swinging her forward on her Healy’s shoe/skates on the smooth floors of the terminal. Her shoelace came undone and tripped her once, but she was not hurt, but it really scared me.


I resisted the temptation of getting the “Baby Pure Shining Mask” male version. As I wrote earlier, the Koreans take skin care to a whole other level!

We are all fighting jet lag! I keep finding myself all of sudden hitting the wall and needing to sleep in the late afternoons. Today I slept from 4:00 PM to almost 7:00 PM. We went to the fireworks last night in Bethlehem and it was good to soak up a bit of the festivities. Fireworks are a bit overrated and I learned that we need to be doing something else while the fireworks are occurring. I wonder what else we can do to celebrate our independence from Great Britain (Amerexit). I read an article about how young the founding fathers were when they signed the declaration of independence and fought the war. Many were in their 20s and 30s. Crazy to think they had such important positions of power, but I guess with a new country, many people there were risk-takers and it was suited for younger people who were not set in their ways. Good on them!


I forget how far east the Lehigh Valley, which is only  a short drive from Philadelphia and New York. Most of the big names of the revolution visited Bethlehem and I hope during my time here to visit some of the historical places in the old district of the town. We are really happy to be back in the USA and me back in school! Loving Lehigh, Pennsylvania and spending time with family! Despite the rain, we got out and watched the fireworks.

Ollie and Owen at the fireworks show

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