Beautiful Ocean

Ocean with Lilian – showing off her new bag

Ocean turned 9 years old last week and her main gift was a sewing machine. Thanks to OIS art teacher Jennifer Henbest, who introduced the students to sewing, (thanks Jen!) Ocean developed an interest in sewing. She has always been very creative and loves making projects with her hands. Ocean always has something going, whether is be using cardboard, paint, tape, etc. She has been begging us for a sewing machine so it was wonderful to see the look on her face when I brought it in the house. (video here) Lilian Tsubaki pictured with Ocean above, showed her how to use the machine and she made her first bag.

Ocean invited some friends over for a sleepover last weekend. They had a good time going to the park, watching movies, opening gifts, eating pizza, etc. She is such a good little girl and it is such a privilege to watch a little girl grow up. It is obvious, but girls are so much different than boys and I enjoyed watching her opening the gifts, commenting on the wrapping and cards, etc.


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