Hike to Katsuoji Temple


With Nadia not feeling well today, I took the kids on a long hike through the Meiji-no-mori Minoh quasi national park up the Katsuoji temple. It was the first cold day of the year with temperatures in the 50s (11C). It was a refreshing walk under the trees which are a couple of weeks away from peak color. It was so relaxing to be talking and walking with my children in nature. I’ve been really busy at work and it was so good to reconnect with the kids. The highlight for Ollie and Ocean was feeding the nishikigoi (ornamental carp – basically giant gold fish). The hardy fish are regarded as good luck and are quite appropriate in the temple devoted to good fortune. Carp banners are flown above Japanese homes on May 5, children’s day in Japan. The nishikigoi was originally selectively bred in Niigata prefecture, north of Tokyo, from mutant black carp.


Oliver and I took on Ocean and Owen in street basketball, with Owen making a last second shot to have them win. Then we rode bikes up to the entrance trail. On the way back, Ocean and I bought some hamburger buns and we grilled burgers for dinner. I then took a long nap, to be woken by another shaking earthquake, not a strong as the jishin from a couple of weeks ago, but enough to rouse me from a dream. It felt like the shaking was part of my dream.

We have a couple more weeks before a much needed fall break. I am looking forward to the colors and cooler temperatures of autumn.

Selfie with Ocean




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