Family Journal: Christmas Season


The Christmas season is upon us and with it the holiday traditions. Oliver is shown above in Friday’s winter concert held at the school. It was his final elementary concert as he will be a middle schooler next year (yikes!). The students were asked to dress in an urban/hip-hop style, but Ollie looks more like a Trump supporter than a city dweller. They sang “Hall of Fame” and he had a small duet rap part at the end of the song.

It also is the time of parties. Saturday night the faculty met at an Italian restaurant in Senri Chuo and afterwards we went for some drinks at a nearby “stand-up” bar. We had a lot of laughs with friends. Nadia is shown below with Nakae.


We hosted the global futures (boarding) students Sunday night for a traditional American turkey holiday dinner. Besides being beautiful, Nadia is also a really good cook and prepared an exquisite meal. Turkey, gravy, homemade stuffing, cranberries, sweet potatoes, etc. The students in our school and especially the dorm are so nice, it was an enjoyable evening for us to host them.




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