Yoga, Tokyo


Kwanzan Cherry Tree Blossoms in Kinuta Park 


I was in Tokyo for two days of meetings last week and stayed in the neighborhood of Yoga. It is a residential area in the most populous of Tokyo’s 23 wards, Setagaya. There are almost 900,000 people in this southwest section of Tokyo. The hotel was close to the train station. I didn’t really have a lot of time to explore the area, but I did go for a night walk and morning run to nearby Kinuta Park. It used to be a golf course and then landfill, but today it is a beautiful park. I enjoy exploring urban parks. The area between the station and the park has a relaxed feel, despite so many people and the big Tomei Expressway (main highway between Tokyo and Nagoya) running by it. The narrow streets are designed more for pedestrians than cars with plenty of trees and benches to promote meeting people and resting. However, the sound of the highway was ever present.

Old guy baseball league in Kinuta Park – Tokyo

Everytime I go to Tokyo I see something new. It is the largest city in the world so it makes sense. I go back next month for more meetings.

Commercial district around Yoga Station – Tokyo


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