Quirky Japan: Ice Cream & Rikshaws


A friend bought me an ice cream treat on Monday, called a “Jumbo – Party, Party!” The ice cream sandwich had the cone surrounding vanilla ice cream with hard chocolate in the middle. It conveniently breaks into perfect sections along the ridges, so easy to share with friends. Aptly named, “party, party”! It tasted like the bottom of an ice cream cone but with the perfect amount of ice cream inside. Food choices are always surprising in Japan.


I ride my bicycle a lot here and often see the sign in the photo above. There are many overpasses in Osaka and according to the sign, pedestrians, bikes and “rickshaws” are not allowed to use them. I have never seen a rickshaw in Japan except in the rare tourist zone. I wonder why they ban them specifically if people haven’t used them in Japan for decades. Always something interesting here.


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