Oliver: Coming Into His Own


Ollie was voted MVP of the tourney on Sunday


Oliver is really coming into his own as he approaches his 12th birthday. He is shown above playing for his club soccer team, the International Soccer School of Senri (ISSS). He has been going pretty faithfully all winter and now with spring, he is starting to go to games. I think a big reason he is committed to the team is the camaraderieĀ of his friends on the team. He is like his grandfather, Popa, and loves to socialize with his buddies.


Oliver & Mom at the Grade 5 dance


Oliver is shown above with his mother feeling grumpy. He was so excited for the dance, that when we arrived 5 minutes late, he was quite upset. I guess he has been living in Japan so long when being exactly on time is so important. He has some good dance moves. We are looking forward to his birthday this weekend!


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