Oliver Finishes Elementary School

The International Baccalaureate curriculum requires students to demonstrate their learning at the end of their elementary school with an exhibition. The students dive deep into a topic, and this year, Oliver’s grade 5 class looked at the push and pull factors causing migration around the world. It is a very relevant topic in today’s world. The video above is the opening speech. Oliver was a bit nervous but did a good job.

Besides introducing their topics, the students sang a couple of songs and showed the video of the process of the exhibition. They then went to their booths where parents and students could ask them questions about their topic.


Oliver focused on Libya and the perilous journey of refugees crossing the Mediterranean into Italy. His research led him to look at dictators around the world and how oppressive governments push people to migrate.


Oliver is growing up and like his grandfather, Popa and his mother who are both quite social. He loves spending time with his friends. I snapped this picture of him riding around the neighborhood with one of his classmates. Our house is one story above ground level with a garage underneath, hence the view from above.

Congratulations Oliver! We love you!

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