Oliver & Ocean in Swim Carnival

A third place finish in the father-son relay!

Our school held its annual swim carnival yesterday. We are fortunate to have an indoor swimming pool at the school. The architect did a good job by having a natural light come into the pool, despite it being below ground level. The elementary school students competed in over 60 races in the afternoon. Parents and students alike were entertained by the races. I was the starter for many of the races and so you can hear my voice in the videos below.

The first video is Oliver’s 25-meter freestyle race. There are a couple of regular swimmers in the school, so Oliver held his own and earned a ribbon. There is no need to point him out in the video as he is in the lane nearest to me.

Ocean is competing in the next video in the 25-meter fin race. The students wear fins and start in the water. She has nice form and I think finishes second or third in the race.

The highlight for me was the father-son relay race. The fathers started on the blocks and at the half-way point, picked up the sons and dragged them holding onto those foam worms. There was a bit of confusion at the start and we all started at slightly different times. It was very funny and Nadia got a good laugh at us trying to swim.Oliver and I went to dinner last night to celebrate. It was good to spend time with him alone.

Both Ocean and Oliver earned ribbons in the relays and solo races. It is nice that they learned to swim and feel comfortable in the water. They also have good attitudes towards competition, trying their best and being positive about athletic competition.

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