Oliver Grade 5 Promotion

Oliver completed his elementary career this week. On Monday, the school held a promotion party to mark the occasion. All of the grade 5 students made a short speech and we also heard from the principal and grade 5 teacher, Mr. Jones. Oliver’s speech is above and it was very cute. He has a bit of charisma and charm, which will probably get him a long way in life.

After the party, the parents provided a potluck dinner and the kids danced and played with balloons. It was a really enjoyable evening. It was fun the night before riding our bikes to the mall to buy Ollie a pair of dress pants and belt. He looked pretty good in his tie as well. The school gives many opportunities for the students to speak publicly which really helps their self-confidence and presentation skills. That too will serve him well in the future.


Congratulations Oliver, you made it to middle school. All of us love you very much and look forward to your middle school years. We are very proud of you!!!!



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