Kralovec Children Doing Well!


Owen with his back page article


I was surprised at how touched I was by seeing my son’s byline in the student newspaper. Owen wrote an article about the transition from middle school sports to high school sports at our school. He is a ninth grader, and turned 15 on Wednesday. A cliche, but I can’t believe how fast time goes with the kids! Owen is becoming more studious, as I write this in the morning, he is finishing a mathematics project. I think the rigor of Japanese culture in our school has helped him get through his rebellious teen phase a bit quicker.


Oliver with teammates Kotaro, Aoto and Antonio


His younger brother Oliver also had an academic accomplishment. He won the middle school Knowledge Bowl on Monday! He answered many questions for his team, the “Dust Collectors”. When I asked him why they called themselves that, he replied, “It is ironic.”

Oliver is very well read and has a lot of general knowledge. At this stage of his mental development, he is lacking organization and attention to detail, but he is an avid reader.

Finally, Ocean and I went Christmas shopping earlier this week to Q’s Mall. She is such a lovely girl. She was talking in a cute British accent while we were riding to the mall. I love night bike rides with her. Wish they could last forever!


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