Family Journal: July 6, 2018 “Rain”

I am trying to get Oliver to cycle more with me. We managed to get a rides completed on July 3 and 4. We did one of my morning routine routes on the cycle path around Exhibition Park 16.0 kilometers in 55 minutes. The next day we followed the Senri River to the Itami Airport and came back through Ibaraki for another loop of 16.3 kilometers and it took us 1 hour and 4 minutes. I had to encourage Oliver to finish the ride by making a quick stop at McDonald’s.

As I am writing this on the morning of July 6, 2018, it has been raining steadily since the night of July 4. All day yesterday and last night, a steady rain, sometimes harder than others has continued. It looks to go all day again today into this evening without stopping. We are being bombarded by heavy rain and “ground-loosening” alerts from the city and some areas of Minoh in the steep slopes of the Minoh National Park and directly below it are being evacuated as a safety precaution. This is shortly after our 7 magnitude earthquake on June 18.

Screenshot of an alert listing the neighborhoods and blocks to be evacuated

Our neighborhood of Onohara-nishi is far enough away from the mountains and rivers not have to worry about flooding or landslides. Hopefully, I can get out a bit today and take some photos of the water accumulation. Over 150,000 people in Kyoto (143,000) and Osaka (9,700) prefectures were evacuated. Up to 35 centimeters of rain is forecasted for the region.

Kamo River in Kyoto (photo courtesy of KYODO)

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