Bike Ride to Minogawa Reservoir

Minogawa Reservoir

I am absolutely loving cycling through the Minoh Quasi National Park this summer. This morning I completed a 30 kilometer (18 mile) loop through Minoh and Ikeda. The highlight was the beauty of the Minogawa (Minoh River) reservoir. Using Strava, a cycling and running tracking app, you can see exactly how far you rode, your speed and the elevation profile. It feels like the Tour de France. I wish they had this when I was younger!


It was very hot and humid today with temperatures in the high 90s. On the way back down the mountain, I got some gorgeous views of Ikeda and the Shin Inagawa Bridge.

View of Ikeda City and the Inagawa River

Cycling is so enjoyable and refreshing for me. I wish I could go every day!

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