Blueberries and Golf

We had a classic mid-July summer day in “the valley”. We drove north down the mountain towards the Susquehanna River to Nescopeck. The area consists of beautiful farms, forested hills, gigantic homes with finely manicured lawns, dilapidated barns and even a nuclear plant. It was a picture-perfect day with bright sun, blue skies and low humidity. Nadia loved our stop at Stemmrich Blueberry Farm. We picked three buckets full of blueberries for under $20.

Blueberries are from the Heath Family and the Vaccinium genus are berry-producing shrubs like cranberries and lingonberries. They thrive in acidic soils. Blueberries are produced commercially in several US states including Washington, Oregon, Michigan, New Jersey, etc.

To placate the kids, we had a round of mini-golf and a bit of lunch. I won with 47 (3 under par), Owen had 50, Ocean 51, and Nadia/Oliver 68.

Nadia tees off

I am pro-nuclear power because it does not add to climate change by emitting carbons. However, the visual aspect of the cooling towers and long-term storage of spent fuel rods would concern me. We drove closer to the river so I could get a better look at the Susquehanna Steam Electric Station. It began producing electricity back in 1983 and employs over 1,000 people.

The Cooling Towers of the Power Plant

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