Family Journal: November 22, 2020

We had two bouts of snow this week that took everyone’s mind off the pandemic for a short time. Snow brings out the child in me and I was excited to get out in the fresh winter air. Today I took my dog Obi for a long walk along the main canal in the city. He loves playing in the snow as much as I do! It probably snowed about 6 inches on Tuesday and again a couple more inches this morning. It has been below zero all this past week but this week will see the snow melting as we will experience highs of 8 C on Thanksgiving and to the weekend. Kids in the neighborhood have been pushing each other with sleds and the snow reminds me of my childhood in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I love the change of seasons.

I had a great day on Saturday playing disc golf with my son Owen. He loves the sport and coincidentally, our international school has a 9-basket course on campus. It was really cold, but as I always say, any day that I spend more time outdoors than indoors is a good day.

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