Family Journal: November 28, 2020

Fresh Snow in Tashkent City

We decided to hold our annual Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, Saturday, because we were so busy at school this week. It was another outstanding meal prepared by Nadia with help from Delia and Shannon. We had a much smaller affair this year due to COVID. We invited one family that is in our social bubble and Owen’s friends from his grade 12 bubble. I ate too much, but we had a lot of laughs and good times. These moments mean a lot to me and I feel fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends.

Vultures Devour the Thanksgiving Feast

I was expecting lots of snow overnight on Friday, but the temperatures were above freezing so it was mostly rain. I went for a 5-mile run around the Tashkent City complex and it was slushy and cold. Most of the day was spent preparing for Thanksgiving, with me running errands to pick up beverages and my usual shuffling our teenagers to their various engagements.

I also picked up a bottle of the “Anti Virus” vodka produced here in Uzbekistan. I see that it was a trend on Tik Tok with an American company stating it killed the coronavirus. The president of Belarus also claimed that vodka and saunas kill coronavirus. I will most likely not drink it, but it is quite the conversation piece to have in our kitchen.

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