Family Journal: December 7, 2020

Tire Change

One of the advantages of living in a developing nation with a low-cost of living is being able to afford services on an educator’s salary. I woke up on Sunday to a flat tire. In Japan or the USA, I would have to get out the jack and spare, change the tire, repair and put the old tire back on the car and put away the spare and jack. Instead, I made a call to my right hand man/driver and he got a “master” to come from a nearby garage to make the repair and change. My quality of life improves when I avoid tedious jobs. It is also nice to feel that I am helping local people make a living.

Palace of International Forums

I took Obi out for a walk last night around the main square downtown (Amir Temur Square). The Palace of International Forums adjacent to teh square is such an impressive building. I would love to tour inside the convention center sometime.

On Sunday I noticed our local supermarket, Korzinka (basket in Russian) had its Christmas decorations displayed. Even though it is a Muslim country, Christmas and New Years is a big deal here. It is funny however, when I say “Merry Christmas”, no one understands what I am saying. The Uzbeks adopted Santa Claus and other secular items from Christmas and wrapped it in the New Years celebrations. There is also still a significant Russian population here that celebrates the Orthodox Christmas in January.

Today is Constitution Day in Uzbekistan. President Mirziyoyev sent out this message to the nation yesterday.

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