Family Journal: December 11, 2020

Oliver Arrives at School

It snowed again this week! Large, soft snowflakes hit the ground early Wednesday morning making the walk to school a winter wonderland. I would guess it was about 3-4 inches, enough in the following days to make some impressive snowmen at school. My teenagers are out of that stage, but they do enjoy throwing snowballs. I snapped this photo of my son Oliver during my gate duty. All of the students need to take their temperature and check for COVID-symptoms in their household before coming to school. The measure helps reinforce the message to parents to be vigilant for signs of COVID and the school and families are in this pandemic together. I love snow and always have the philosophy if we are going to have cold weather, we might as well have snow to go with it. This is the second big snowfall of the winter and I hope we see a bunch more. As I am getting older, I feel the cold more and I am getting like my dad, who the first thing he did every morning was look at the thermometer outside the window and check the WIKB (our local radio station in Iron River, Michigan) morning news for the weather. I now see why older people talk about the weather so much.

I went for a bicycle ride on Tuesday because it was Constitution Day, a national holiday in Uzbekistan. This was before the snow came and with less traffic on the holiday, it was a refreshing ride. I rode along the Ankhor Canal to the Memorial to Victims of Oppression Park. It is difficult to find time to ride as we near the winter solstice. The sun does not come up until after 7:30 AM and sets before 5:00 PM, which means any outdoor exercise is in the dark.

Holiday display at Home Market

The Uzbeks love Christmas/New Years and huge public displays are going up all over the city. The majority Muslim country only calls it New Years but they have adopted Santa Claus and the secular aspects of the holiday. I see an interesting competition between the North American/Western European Santa Claus and the Russian “Grandfather Frost” and his grand daughter, “The Snow Maiden”. I originally thought the grand daughter was Frost’s much younger wife. 🙂 I like that “Ded Moroz” is a skier!

One more week of classes before Winter Break!

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