Family Journal: December 18, 2020

Getting Cozy with Obi

We made it to our Winter Break! Our school completed 10 weeks of on campus learning on Friday, December 18. As always, it was a busy finish to the calendar year and I am looking forward to more time with my family during the break. We are nearing the winter solstice and I took the photo below while on front gate duty. As the director of the school, often I am out and about in the mornings, greeting students, parents and employees. The sun rises around 7:45 AM and I am usually out near 8:00 AM . The sun comes up while I am on the street in front of the school. It has been a cold winter so far with temperatures hovering around 0C daily. Next week we’ll have a high of 7C and daily lows around -3C.

Mirabod Police Control Traffic and Help Members on the Crosswalk

I took Obi for a walk last night along a side canal and around some of the big apartment complexes near the airport. I noticed some new restaurants and upscale shops on one of the streets. The growth of economic development of Tashkent is amazing. I am looking forward to recharging my body and mind and welcoming 2021!

View of a Canal Near the Airport

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