Family Journal: December 19, 2020

Winter Fruit Sale – persimmons, pomegranates, melons

Tashkent, like many of the former Warsaw Pact countries is not at its best during winter. Cold, wet, foggy weather combined with bare trees does not give a flattering backdrop to the Soviet architecture buildings. I went for a nice long bike ride yesterday around the city. Traffic was not bad and there are many side streets, pathways and trails away from the main streets. I always see a new part of the city on my rides. I wonder who painted the Beetles mural below on a shed on a side street?

It was a quiet day on the first day of our Winter Break. I worked in the morning, answering emails, completing references and following up with recruiting interviews. After my ride, I took a delicious nap and spent time with the family. I helped prepare a pork roast in a crock pot and we laughed a lot at the dinner table. Breaks give us more time to dine together as a family. I watched the movie Mosul on NetFlix. It is the story of a rogue Iraqi military unit hunting ISIS fighters in the final days of the war in the devastated city of Mosul. It was your typical military action adventure but the setting of Mosul made it interesting.

I like the year-end summary on Strava. I should go “pro” on Strava and use it more to track my exercise. I hope to get to the 3,000 KM mark in 2021!

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