Family Journal: December 20, 2020

Nadia enters a new deli shop downtown

We spent most of the day shopping, getting ready to go to the Amirsoy Ski Resort. We are renting a chalet for 3 nights starting tonight. It is nice to cook in the chalet together. With travel still difficult, many expats are heading to the mountains outside of Tashkent for this break. I can’t wait for some skiing and family time! The Mirabod Bazaar, our suburb’s main outdoor market was full of New Year’s decorations and gift items. Fruit baskets, soda pop and juice are two popular gifts.

Fruit Basket at Mirabod Bazaar for Sale

We watched “Lost in Translation” last night. I forgot how good that movie is! As I am getting closer to Bill Murray’s character in the movie, I related more to the film. Sofia Coppola, the director also really captured how foreigners see Japan when they first arrive to the country. Having lived in Japan for five years, we could relate and it brought back fond memories from some of the places we visited in Tokyo and Kyoto.

4:30 PM sunset walk along a side canal near our neighborhood Makro

We are packing the car this morning and off for a few days of R&R!

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