Family Journal: December 21, 2020

Family Road Trip!

I love the family road trips we take and as Owen is a senior this year, we are counting everyone as our possibly last as a complete family. We packed up the car and headed to the Amirsoy Resort for some skiing and family time. We arrived in the afternoon and after we sorted the equipment and lift tickets, Ocean, Owen and I were on the slopes. Ocean is developing her skills and said she loved skiing. I am trying to instil in the kids a love of outdoor activities. Hurray, a win there, perhaps. Today I will be concentrating on Oliver. Owen was snowboarding and is quite good and he loves the sport.

Owen and Ocean in the gondola

Because it is so hard to travel, much of the TIS community is spending their Christmas break at the resort. The kids are enjoying the company of other faculty children and their fellow TIS students. They made s’mores last night while Nadia and I watched High Fidelity and enjoyed a bottle of Georgian wine. I didn’t really like the movie, it has not aged well and John Cusak spends a lot of time talking to the camera. The guy is immature and trying to find his way in life.

The View from our Chalet

It is amazing what a bit of elevation and about 60 kilometers does for one’s mood. We have left behind the grey skies and brown/wet streets of Tashkent for the sunny, winter wonderland of the Ugam-Chatkal National Park! It is absolutely beautiful up here with a fresh snowfall on Sunday.

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