An Amirsoy Holiday

Blue Skies – White Snow

We got back today from the Amirsoy Resort in the Tian Shan mountains. It was so refreshing to see the blue skies and lots of snow on the ground. My highlight was just spending time with Oliver and Ocean. They both developed into stronger skiers after 4 days and I saw much more confidence on the last day this morning. Both of them can now go all the way to the highest point of the resort (2,200 meters / 7,500 feet) and they did every slope except for #7 Bravo. I loved staying in the chalets, much for the convenience. We could drive the 500 meters to the Alpine Restaurant parking lot in the chalet village, put on the skis, and head down toward the chair lift to start our day. We rented the equipment and ski passes for 4 days so it was great to skip the lines in the equipment rental and cashier desk. I also loved going to the chalet at lunch to take a short nap and refresh myself for the afternoon. When you just go for the day, you are there the entire day on the slopes are in the restaurant.


The kids are getting to an age where they prefer to spend time with their friends over their parents. Owen, Oliver and Ocean spent much of the time skiing with their friends, rather than with me. 😦 Such is life. I made the best of it and did a couple mornings and an afternoon with Oliver and Ocean. Being outside all day, being active and with my children makes for a delightful time. In the evenings we had fun with some TIS friends that were also staying at the resort. We hosted dinners for each other.

Ocean and Oliver

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