DNA Updates from 23 & Me and Ancestry.com

Years ago I submitted my DNA sample to 23 & Me, the genetic testing company. I was really curious because I was adopted and did not know much about my ancestry. The methods 23 & Me uses to determine DNA origin are improving all the time. They are getting more people to contribute and using better algorithms to improve accuracy. The latest results show that I have 71.5% Eastern European with Podkarpackie Voivodeship being the highest likely match. This is southeastern Poland, east of Krakow. Other strong matches in the region border on voivodeship, with Lviv, Ukraine to the east and Prešov, Slovakia. So most of my ancestors come from that region in Slovakia/Poland/Ukraine. Americans are a bit obsessed with ancestry, probably because we do not have the sense of tribalism that smaller countries with populations living in the region for hundreds or thousands of years. The latest update took out much of the “broadly” or “undefined” European categories that were in earlier versions.

A surprising feature of the update was the 24.7% Spanish/Portuguese label. They didn’t find enough exact matches between my DNA and reference individuals in their database to determine an exact region. I’ll be looking forward to seeing when they get more matches. I also registered 2.4% Greek/Balkan, which is a drop of 6% from previous readings.

Ancestry.com highlighted Eastern Slovakia

I also submitted my DNA to Ancestry.com and they to measured my ancestry as 71% Eastern Europe & Russia. They zeroed in on Eastern Slovakia. Ancestry.com’s database also identified 13.7% “Germanic Europe” primarily located in Germany and Switzerland. The Balkans and Spain both register 7% each.

My takeaway from the two companies is my ancestry is definitely strongest in the small region of eastern Poland and Slovakia and western Ukraine. 23&Me gives me a stronger link to Poland, Ancestry.com to Slovakia.

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