Family Journal: January 31, 2021

60% of the Kralovec Family

We had a relaxing weekend in Tashkent. We celebrated Nadia’s birthday on Saturday at Arrows & Sparrows Cafe. She was sick on her actual birthday (last Tuesday). The cafe recently opened in the Tashkent City development. The food and ambiance was really nice and I recommend anyone wanting a good meal. We all had a laugh at my expense. There is a fee to enter the park unless you are going to the Hilton Hotel. I told the entrance guard I was going to the Hyatt, the other luxury hotel in Tashkent. The guy looked at me funny, until my family corrected me.

Ocean got her hair cut and she looks so different. She is officially a teenager and is changing every day. I really enjoyed taking her to the clinic on Friday for a check up. I just love spending time with her. Between recruiting teachers and answering emails, Owen and I shot baskets at our school’s gym. We are bummed out that his senior season got wiped out by the pandemic. We are still trying to work on his game. Oliver is working out with a personal trainer which has been helpful for his health and mood. He is looking more like a man every day!

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