Family Journal: February 19 – Tennis and Spring!

I’ve been playing a lot of tennis lately, mostly at the Republican School of Olympic Reserve. The club was founded in 1961 as a sports boarding school and today provides high level training for local tennis players. It is the site of the Tashkent Open, a WTA professional event. My sons train at the club and I play social tennis 1-2 times per week. I would like to thank the Club Director Samuk Abidov for all of his support and kindness. We took the picture together above the other night. Nadia and I played this weekend with our friends Hitoshi and Ai at the indoor court at the Plov Center Tennis Club. Lots of fun and laughs!

Plov Center Tennis Club

We’ve had an unusual run of extremely warm weather this month. A couple of days ago it reached 26 C (79F) and it felt like summer. The apricots and cherry blossoms are out all over the city. Forsythia, the yellow trumpet of European spring is also in full bloom on campus (see below). It is supposed to snow later this week again. 😦

Finally, I am happy to have my right-hand man back Ahad! He is our family support person and due to COVID, we’ve had limited contact with him. With the low number of cases in the city, we are now asking him to do more and it is good to have him back in our lives.

Bill and Ahad

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