Tashkent Journal: March 5, 2021

I have not been posting much lately because of being busy at school. We start a three-day weekend because of Women’s Day holiday (March 8) on Monday. Last night Nadia and I took Obi for a walk downtown. She posed in front of the Hotel Uzbekistan. The hotel’s facade is an LED billboard and it reads “reklama” in Russian which means advertisement. Our dog Obi received a long overdue haircut and he looks so different with less fur and being able to see his eyes.

We hopefully had our last snowfall of the year on February 24-25. Overnight about 3-5 inches fell. I love taking Obi for walks in the quiet snow. Our neighborhood is gentrifying quickly, but most of it still looks like a Central Asian village. The photo above is typical of what it looks like on a winter evening close to my house.

Spring in Tashkent is often rainy which gives us very clear skies. Last Sunday driving to play tennis, the Tien Shan mountains were visible throughout the city. They are about a 60-minute drive away.

To finish this post, I always appreciate the beauty of mosques. Below is a closeup of one of the minarets from the Minor Mosque. The mosque was completed in 2014 by the city government and is next to the Ankhor Canal, one of my favorite running/biking/walking routes. Last Sunday I walked around the mosque while waiting for a shop to open.

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