Family Journal: Evening Strolls with Obi

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I love the early morning sun, the hot temperatures, watermelon, swimming, easy bike rids, etc. One of the many pleasures I delight in is walking Obi in the evenings around Tashkent. Uzbeks are nocturnal and there is great people watching going through the parks with our dog. Dogs are a bit foreign to Uzbeks and Islamic culture but we are seeing more and more of them around the city. Many people at first are afraid of him, but then often they ask for photos or to pet him.

We took these photos on the Ankhor Canal near the entrance to the amusement park near the Olympic Museum. Central Asians love L.E.D. lighting and the bridge looks cool around sunset.

More people are swimming in the canals as temperatures heat up.

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