Family Journal: Oliver Ends his Soccer Season

Oliver finished his soccer season this past weekend. Our school hosted the tournament with the top four teams from the city league playing. Ollie’s team lost the semifinals 1-2 to put them in Sunday’s consolation (third-place) game. They defeated Westminster International School 2-0. I put together a video of Ollie’s play above. He ended up enjoying the experience and improved through the year. He even scored a goal and played both defense and striker. His strengths are his effort, coachability and physical presence. He needs to work on his foot skills and understanding the game more.

Oliver with his third-place medal and the AD Felix

The weather is turning cooler and snow is expected this week. After last week’s dust storm and this week’s cold front, it feels like winter is almost here. The last of the autumn colors are showing. Yesterday we had a cross country running training at the Tashkent Botanical Gardens and it was quite beautiful with the setting sun. We are getting close to the winter solstice with sunrise at 7:12 AM today and sunset at 5:02 PM. I forgot how nice the gardens are and I wish Tashkent had more areas with trees and wilderness.

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