First Snowfall of the Winter

First Snowfall on the TIS Campus

I always get excited at the first snowfall of the year! It started snowing during our cross country running practice before school and continued to about noon. We finished with 4 inches (12cm) of snow for the day. It was wet, heavy snow and combined with many leaves still being on trees in mid-November, branches all over the city, including our campus fell. The students loved playing in the snow, especially those from tropical countries or expatriates coming from the tropics. I made an announcement warning people to be careful under the trees on our campus.

Snow makes the city look better and it is sticking around with cool temperatures all week. Climate change is affecting Tashkent’s weather with less snow and rain and hotter temperatures throughout the year. I don’t like these long-term trends and for now, it is OK, but I worry about what the city’s climate will be 10-20 years in the future. With increasing air pollution, excessive water use (irrigation, faulty canal system) and deforestation, trends are for a lower quality of life unless officials take steps to rectify the situation.

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