Family Journal: December 18, 2021

Owen and Dad on the bridge near the Minor Mosque

It was such a nice start to Winter Break yesterday. In the morning, we made a big pancake breakfast for Oliver and his friends who slept over the house. I love a house full of young people and seeing my children developing strong friendships. In the afternoon, Owen and I went for a bike ride along the canal. It was an extremely clear, blue-sky sunny day with comfortable temperatures. We could bike without gloves and a jacket which is unusual for late December. It became cloudy in the late afternoon. Today I see the forecast is for temps in the high 40s with rain coming in the afternoon. 😦

Minor Mosque on the Ankhor Canal

Nadia hosted a gingerbread cookie-making afternoon and I ate too many cookies. Ocean loves doing crafts and baking and decorating the cookies was right up her alley. She, unfortunately, fell today on the steps of the clinic while getting her booster shot. She injured her knee and was limping around yesterday.. I hope it is not too serious.

Kids making gingerbread cookies

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