Family Journal: December 20, 2021

We were told that there were no English movies in Tashkent since our arrival in 2019. However, we discovered that the Compass Cinema in the Compass Mall is a 26-seat, VIP theatre that can be rented for under $150. The kids wanted to watch Spider-man: No Way Home that was recently released so we booked the theatre yesterday morning for last night. They had a blast in our own private theatre with reclining seats and a private lobby and bathrooms. In my opinion, the movie was not very good, but then again, 50-year olds are not the target demographic. As usual, I fell asleep for part of it, but just seeing the pleasure Owen, Oliver, Ocean and their friends got from watching the latest superhero movie made it a delightful evening. I’ll investigate the movie scene here more to see what other English language films are played. For the most popular films, this is a good option and we could watch this Spider-man immediately upon international release.

It was my first time at the Compass Mall and I was impressed. It is your typical American-style mall with a food court and shops on three floors. It is much more spacious than the most popular Samarkand Darvoza mall. I spotted a Christmas gift for Ocean that I will need to go back for.

We spent much of the mid-morning and afternoon playing sport. I opened the school gymnasium for the junior varsity, varsity and alumni who wanted to play. In the afternoon, Owen and I played a set of tennis at NBU (National Bank of Uzbekistan) Stadium and Sports Complex. I absolutely love tennis and am looking forward to playing more this holiday and watching the start of the ATP season next month in Australia. My game has improved over the past 20 years, especially here in Tashkent playing with coach Igor.

Dad and Owen at the athletics track at NBU Sports Complex

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