Family Journal: Winter Solstice

View of Winter Solstice Sunset from the Compass Mall parking garage

I don’t understand why solstices are not a bigger deal and acknowledged more in our society. We seem to celebrate artificial holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, which are fine, but the day of the shortest amount of sunlight should be celebrated as well. I always make it a point to talk about the solstices and equinoxes to my family and friends. I always thought we should have rituals around them. Perhaps some type of sunrise/sunset ceremony where people make a toast or sing a song or just gather in a nice spot to watch it.

Curious Obi

The beautiful weather held out all week. It is so nice to walk Obi in different parts of the city during the day. He loves exploring Tashkent as much as I do. I am so glad we got a dog, it has made our family closer and gotten all of us out of the house more to walk the little guy. He absolutely loves getting out and is irresistible when he gives you those (cliche coming) puppy dog eyes. I can almost hear him say, “Let’s go dad” in the photo below. Once I pick up his bag with the harness and leash in, Obi is all in! He gets so excited.

Obi waiting for me to take him walking.

Finally, it is so nice to have Owen with his brothers and sisters. The other night we were having dinner at a friend’s home and I snapped the photo below. We are a family of five again! I am secretly hoping his university goes Virtual so he can stay here for a bit longer…

Owen and Mom

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