Family Journal: Merry Christmas

Nadia wanted a photo with matching Christmas pajamas so here you go! It was a bit cheesy, but it did get our teenagers out of bed and having a bit of fun on Christmas morning. The holiday is not the same without young children in the house, but it was still a good day with all of us spending time together. The focus has gone from Santa and gifts to appreciating our time together before they move out permanently and start families of their own.

We had a traditional Christmas dinner with turkey, cranberries, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc. Nadia is such a good cook and we all enjoyed her mastery in the kitchen. I don’t do much cooking, but I am on the support team with procuring ingredients and cleaning. We invited a family that we are close to and their children wanted to experience an authentic Christmas. Owen also invited a couple of his classmates that also have not had a Christmas celebration so it was fun seeing the holiday through their eyes. Also, having young children around made the night much better.

It was not a White Christmas, but we did get about 6 inches of snow the following day, December 26. I took Obi out for a run in the morning and the weather turned from fog, to rain, to sleet, to snow during the 6 kilometers. We are heading up to the mountains today for a couple of days of hopefully skiing and winter fun

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