Family Journal: March 5, 2022

Cocurricular events are back at our school as the Omicron variant wave slowly leaves the city. Oliver had a Model United Nations Conference yesterday at the British School of Tashkent and I was not allowed to enter. It was fun helping him with putting on his suit and tie and prepping him for the topics they would be discussing. One of the issues was HIV in the developing world and having lived through the AIDS crisis in the 1980s and 1990s, I could give him perspective and context.

Ocean’s junior varsity (grade 8 and 9) team played a local school team in our gym. I could see the girls’ fitness levels have been impacted by the pandemic. Ocean needed to take breaks during the game. The school cafeteria has an excellent expresso coffee machine and it was just so nice to connect with other parents again in person. The city dropped all COVID risk mitigation measures and at school, we are lowering some of them as well. Often I give a short video for the community instead of a letter because people find it more entertaining and memorable. Much of my time this week at school was getting the building construction started.

Obi continues to bring us joy and entertainment. We all love having a dog and Obi connects us with each other. Yesterday he fell asleep on Nadia’s lap and it was so funny!

Obi on his throne

Nadia and I had a really nice social weekend. It started with a Shabbat dinner with our Israeli friends. We laughed a lot and even sang karaoke after a delicious meal! On Saturday we had a glass of wine with one of our Dutch friends. That is one of the nicest aspects of international expatriate life is we make friends with people all over the world.

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